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Nettle soup with smoked ribs

Nettle soup with smoked ribs

Carefully clean the nettles of debris and wash them in some water until the water comes out clean.

We put a pot of water on the fire, and when it boils we put the nettles and let them boil a few times, then we drain the nettles, keeping the juice. We put the drained nettles on a chopper and cut them into small pieces.

Finely chop the onion, and put the carrot and celery on a small grater.

Put the carrot to harden in the hot oil until the oil starts to change color to orange, then add the onion and celery in turn. When it softens slightly, put the ribs cut into small pieces. Leave for a few minutes, quench with nettle juice, then fill with water until it passes with a handful of meat. Let it boil for 10 minutes, then add the rice. After the rice is half cooked, add the nettles, salt, ground pepper and let them boil until the rice is ready, possibly add more water if it is too thick. In a bowl, beat eggs with vinegar, then add a pinch of soup.

Turn off the heat and pour the egg into the soup, stirring constantly.